An immersive-tech platform for impact in

education and workforce training

Our vision


Veative was incorporated in 2016 and started the development of immersive learning content. Veative built the world's largest library of interactive, immersive learning content.


Veative received a grant from the UNICEF Innovation Fund to expand the reach of its Veative Learn offering across the globe.


Veative launched its Veative Learn offering in the US via a strategic partnership with Douglas Stewart, the leading education distributor in North America with over 4,500 resellers.


Struck a three-year strategic partnership with Lenovo Education for Veative Learn and Career Discovery.


Dev Clever and Veative entered a business partnership to build and launch a career-discovery platform in India, LaunchMyCareer.


In August 2020, Veative signed a five-year licencing agreement with Google to offer Veative's 3D model library in AR format to be used in Google's AR search initiative.


Partnered with NISA, India's largest budget private school association, to provide age-appropriate career guidance in India.


Veative expanded its reseller network to 25 countries and across 500 schools globally by 2021.


DevClever acquired The Inspirational Learning Group (TILG) in the UK to expand the reach of its Career Discovery platform.


Set up LaunchMyCareer (LMC) in India, a first-of-its-kind immersive career-discovery platform.


Veative completed the reverse takeover of Dev Clever Holdings PLC in July 2022.


Presenting the world's first meaningful career metaverse!

Our global presence

We have a presence in over 25 countries including the USA, Canada, the UK, Japan, India, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and UAE.