• Virtual reality in education, though still rather new, can no longer be thought of as a gadget, used for fun in a classroom. Many forms of research have been performed, the results of which are positive and encouraging, if not profound. VR offers a unique opportunity to catch and retain
  • Teachers come in all shapes, sizes, and ages, fortified by a varying number of years of experience. Let’s take two teachers at each end of the spectrum, knowing that the rest fall somewhere in-between. There is Mrs. Applebaum, 62 years old, and has about 37 years of teaching under her
  • “I want to have my students create VR simulations so they can learn both how these are made and how a student can apply newly-gained knowledge in a meaningful way.” This is a common sentiment from teachers the world over. Unsurprisingly, a teacher in India is no different from a
  • We have recently begun to highlight a young man using #TsubasaVR, and we have already gotten the question, “Who is Tsubasa?” With pleasure, I would like to introduce the world to this remarkable young fellow. Tsubasa is a Japanese man, in his mid-20s. He lives on his own and works
  • SINGAPORE, April 30, 2020 – Veative Labs, a leading provider of immersive learning solutions, is pleased to announce a global collaboration with Lenovo, the world’s largest supplier of educational technology. This collaboration will enable Lenovo customers to experience Veative’s entire collection of 550 interactive STEM modules on Lenovo computers through Lenovo’s
  • With more and more being written about VR, we can sometimes get mired in not fully understanding the jargon. Today, we’ll look at degrees of freedom, or DoF. This term refers to the ways that you can move within a 3D space. There are three main axes (rotational) and three