• This is a heady claim to make, and before going further it is important to reflect upon the source of such a bold statement. So let’s look at who is making this assertion, why they make such a claim and what this means for the industry moving forward?   PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Japanese student, Haru, is standing and using a VR while her classmate, Haruto, is using a PC. Both are working through this module on Transparent, Translucent and Opaque, but at their own pace and answering questions along the way. The content is the same, the delivery is slightly different. Right
  • As has been shared previously, Veative has been working with the UNICEF Innovation Fund to bring some of what we do out into an Open Source format. In our case, this is WebVR. So what exactly is Open Source, what can it be used for and why is it important?
  • Second language (L2) learning is a difficult task, fraught with a number of challenges. Difficulties can range from fear and anxiety, interference from one’s native language (L1), the kinds of learning opportunities that are available, and how to keep engaged with the task at hand. This list is definitely much