• This blog addresses an important issue: Do we really need Virtual Reality in education?   Shift from Memorizing To Higher Order Thinking   VR-based immersive and experiential learning has the potential to create a deeper level of engagement with target topics, in a distraction free environment. Such an environment creates chances for focus and
  • I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand – Confucius   Virtual Reality is the ultimate medium for delivering what is known as “experiential learning”. This education theory is based on the idea that we learn and remember activities by doing it for ourselves,
  • Traditionally, the learning and teaching environment has been constrained by physical space and time. This no longer rings true. With educator tools like Virtual Reality entering the classroom, education continues to undergo a pedagogical shift where the focus is turned towards bringing students to the center of learning. Newer resources
  • It is well-established that motivation plays a very important, and possibly the most important, part in the learning process. Educators know that if we are able to connect learners with ideas and concepts, and motivate them to discover more, that successful outcomes have a very high probability of being realized.