73% of workers depend on their employers for support in preparing for the future of work.

First-of-its-kind immersive platform

enterprises and a future workforce

Veative's immersive technology solutions have an incredible ability to educate and train individuals to help solve real-world problems. We are enabling tomorrow’s workforce and augmenting their ability to visualize and conceptualize, thereby greatly enhancing productivity and workplace harmony.

A unique immersive platform to

connect enterprises with a workforce

We are enabling enterprises to connect with tomorrow’s workforce and augment their ability to visualize and conceptualize.

The world's first integrated career metaverse

connecting school-going learners with enterprises

Company & product walkthroughs

Immersive work experiences

Employer interactions

Bridging the skills gap and

enabling meaningful employer engagements with the workforce

Enabling meaningful employer engagements with the workforce


Connect with the workforce of tomorrow and the existing talent pool


Immersive workspace solutions to create, showcase, and customize product and company walkthroughs


Enabling enterprises to experience an immersive ecosystem for engaging, training, skilling, and upskilling their workforce

Custom immersive solutions

Empowering enterprises to build customized AR/VR and metaverse applications

Custom immersive solutions for enterprises

in AR/VR and metaverse

Immersive employee onboarding

Immersive skilling & upskilling programs

Immersive training and induction programs 


Our enterprise portfolio

200+ VR deployments across public and private sectors

A digitally connected future

created by global imprints in AR/VR

By 2030, more than 23 million global jobs are expected to be enhanced by VR

AR/VR have the potential to add $1.5 trillion to the global economy by 2030

Top industries that will be enhanced by AR/VR are product development, healthcare, retail, and training